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Servicing your German car?

You probably chose your German car for its quality and reliability so why would you want to compromise when maintaining it?

If you've been servicing it at main dealers you will have noticed how their standards have improved over the past ten years. If the experience matches the standards set by the brand it should be good, but boy do you pay for the privilege.


Autowerks of Wellingborough opened in January 2010 especially to cater for people like you, who want the best level of service without paying through the nose for it.

Whilst there are many other independent service providers out there, we are unique in the depth of our experience and the levels of expertise and service we aim to provide. We know our stuff and understand what you want - and we provide it in the friendly way that only a family business can deliver.

As an independent business with our overheads under control, our experienced team of factory-trained people will present you with a common-sense bill when you collect your car.

Don't forget, even if your car is in warranty, we can service it to the correct schedule to ensure your manufacturer's warranty is maintained.

Providing you with the low cost servicing you desire without compromising quality is what Autowerks is all about. Call us NOW to compare our prices on 01933 225416 or e-mail us.

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